Jimmy Pé - Toy Box

last night i set foot in a building voted one of the thirty ugliest in the world.

real reason: to check out some slovakian electronic music

beauty must be balanced.

crown heights, brooklyn 1:20 AM

in a not so unusual style - except for the reason itself, i spent tonight feeding my procrastination-laden body in herald square by picking up last minute items. dessert was prosperity dumpling. it’ll be awhile before i get those quality fried bundles of pork and chives or a warm sesame pancake again. 

it sounds a little silly but i’m actually getting anxious for the anxious feeling that i know is coming. the one that’ll rise once i take my seat on the plane tomorrow night. when i become hyper-aware of my stomach and my thoughts are splitting into two directions. known vs unknown. leaving room for the sweet middle when the two fuse together. picking up where my daydreams left off. 

weeks from now, i want to remember more than just general observations and return with all the little ones i made as well. 

so this, these words, this is a boost for my future minds memory.

tonight, as i go back and forth between the rooms in our apartment, repeating patterns of creaks across the floorboards, back and forth and back, remembering and forgetting simultaneously - hopefully i will be left with some semblance of being prepared. i’ll leave a little bit though. save it for that last hour when i secretly like to panic-pace around. relishing in the rush of adrenaline. god.

cheers to part one